Change of Attitude 
Citizens of the community Korez in the Dangara district suffered for a long time due to the lack of 
drinking water. The water was delivered by trucks and was sold for a high price. Those who were not 
able to buy pure water had to drink dirty and salty water from the nearest canal, resulting in the spread 
of infectious diseases.  Community citizens didn't feel responsibile for their health and were not 
inclined to solve the problem with their own resources. The NGO Khairhoh, frequent participants in 
Counterpart activities, conducted PCA exercises in the community. As a result, community leaders 
developed an action plan and proposal to address the water problem. The project was submitted to 
Counterpart's Healthy Communities program and received funding. 
Land Is Highlanders' Wealth 
The Badjuv community is located in 50 km from Khorog and 30 km from Rushan and stands 3,800 
meters above the sea level. Geographical considerations and severe weather affect the quality of life 
of the local population. Because of the remoteness of the community it is often overlooked by 
governmental and international organizations. One specific problem identified by community 
members is the lack of sowing lands. With assistance from the Khorog CSSC, community leaders 
developed a proposal to construct an irrigation canal which received funding from the UN WFP. 
Construction of the canal promoted the processing of new sowing lands   36 hectares where citizens 
can sow grain and supply themselves with bread to feed 40% of the population. Irrigation of new 
lands also promoted the development of raising livestock.  
From Dependence to Self Reliance 
The consequences of the civil war in Tajikistan still affect many citizens, with the low level of 
education, increased unemployment and other social and economic problems. Among vulnerable 
groups there is an increasing dependency on humanitarian aid. One of the main goals of the Dushanbe 
CSSC over the past year has been to provide consulting, information, and technical assistance to 
develop proposals to help communities address their own needs themselves. The Dushanbe CSSC 
assisted in the implementation of 10 projects in Dushanbe area, benefiting 6,125 people. As a result 
the CSSC's goal was achieved   people united to solve common problems (gas, water provision, 
electricity, and renovation of schools and medical centers). Communities gained knowledge and skills 
to write proposals, mobilize resources, interact with stakeholders, and use traditional forms of work. 
They gained the confidence to solve community problems without the traditional reliance on the 
government or humanitarian agencies. 
Success of Mobilization 
While implementing a CAG the NGO Paivand had problems with the diminished level of 
participation of the population. The Kulob CSSC Sharvand organized complementary activities like 
informal meetings with the population and roundtables with different stakeholders to ascertain the 
reason for the low participation. The interventions revealed that the leader of the initiative group 
wasn't a motivator. As a result, he's been replaced with a new leader who is demonstrating strong 
leadership abilities and promoting mobilization. Under new leadership the community not only built a 
road, but also built a playground for youth and children and created a soccer team. 
The bridge has passed the trial 
The breakdown of the bridge in the Galaobod community in the Khatlon Region was the source of 
great frustration for community members. Without the bridge, local community members cannot take 
agricultural products to the market, bring in construction materials or attend school. Members of an 
initiative group trained by the Khurgan Teppa CSSC conducted PCAP exercises and developed a 
proposal which was funded by Counterpart. They mobilized the population, local government and 
other stakeholders to address the issue. Taking into consideration on going rain and mountain 
conditions in Tajikistan, some of the specialists and experts were skeptical about the bridge 
restoration, but the community restored the bridge and passed the trial period and weathered the 
Spring rains. 



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